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About Trademark Regant

Since its conception, Trademark Regant strives to protect your intellectual property services globally. We’ve built virtual teams of experienced and proficient attorneys and engineers who will collaborate with you to protect intellectual property reliably and fast.

Intellectual property is ever-involving, and we’ve written a lot of helpful resources to get you started or to evolve your understanding of the role of trademarks, patents, and IP strategies so that you can improve your business outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What qualifies as a good trademark?

    The best trademarks tend to be those words that aren’t descriptive of the services or products that you are offering. Words that are taken out of context (such as Apple Computer) or made-up words (such as Google) tend to be the most robust kinds of trademarks.

  • Can I protect a trademark even before I start to use it?

    Yes, you can easily declare your intent by applying for an ‘Intent to Use’ trademark before actually using your trademark. If your trademark is allowed, you will have to show your trademark in use for at least six months.

  • What should I do if someone else is using my trademark?

    You can quickly stop people from using your trademark if you can show that the first user of the trademark is bound to confuse consumers. If you think your trademark has been infringed, you should immediately contact our trademark attorney (insert hyperlink), who will advise you appropriately.

  • When can I use the ® symbol?

    If you have a federally registered trademark, you will be able to use the ® symbol. For every other mark, whether unregistered or registered, you will not be required to add a designation. However, we always advise mark owners to attach the ‘SM’ or ‘TM’ symbol to tell the industry that your company name, logo, or symbol is proprietary to your services or goods.

  • What are my chances of achieving a trademark registration?

    We always tell our clients that we aren’t ‘oddsmakers’. In other words, you get exactly what you pay for. Our teams are skilled in improving the likelihood of your success. They perform clearance to search for similar trademarks before sending out an application and picking a mark that is highly distinctive.

  • The young guns at Trademark Regant did an stunning job in helping us register our trademarks and walking us through the entire process. They immediately replied to all of our concerns and were an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them!

    Mike Randell
  • Overall, Trademark Regant did a great job in making our dreams into a reality. We are so glad that we decided to choose this agency over other law firms before there were zero red tape, total transparency, and our trademark was registered with little input from me.

    Ted Blunt
  • Our tech company has worked with Trademark Regant for about 6 years now! As our legal advisors, we have been able to register 7 patents, out of which 6 have already been allowed/issued. Naturally, we already trust this agency for all of our future undertakings.

    Brad McEvoy
  • I recently started working with Trademark Regant and have been extremely pleased with their services. Their customer service is above and beyond everything I expected. I highly recommend Trademark Regant for everything related to trademarks and intellectual property protection.

    Jared Langley

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