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Get your trademark registered in 3 simple steps:

Submit Your Request

Spend a couple of minutes filling out a simple questionnaire. This will initiate your registration process for the copyright or trademark.

Evaluation of Request and Search

Here, we perform a thorough search through our database to check whether the trademark is already in use so we can officially complete your registration.

Application Filing

Finally, we register your trademark application with the USPTO and your copyright application with the U.S. Copyright Office.

What qualifies as a good trademark?

A trademark isn’t just limited to a business name. It can also be a symbol, logo, phrase, image, design, or a combination of all of these elements. Obviously, a trademark cannot be similar to any other existing trademark. Granted, a trademark could use similar words as another mark, as long as the two do not confuse consumers.
All you need to do is make sura that the mark is:

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What do you mean by trademark class?

To standardize services or products that are represented by trademarks, the Trademark Registry has classified all kinds of services and products into 45 different categories. Consequently, trademark applications are supposed to mention the type of services or goods that will represented by the trademark – whether belonging to one or more classes. An entire list of Trademark Classes can be found by clicking on the link.

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Direct-Hit Search of the Federal USPTO database which will include exact matches only for live and pending application.
Direct-Hit Search

This search will reveal direct conflicts of pre-existing marks, including exact matches only. Know before you pay the filing fee with the USPTO. This is a basic search, but does not gaurantee clearance with the USPTO. For a more comprehensive search, Trademark Regant highly recommends adding a Comprehensive Search Report to your order.

Professional Preparation of your federal trademark application.
Digitalization and Formatting of your trademark specimens and designs.
Electronic Delivery of your trademark application with no need to wait for mail or dealing with paper files. This will qualify you the reduced government filing fee.
Secure Online Account with calendar of important dates. Your status, documents, and important deadlines will be available to you 24/7 through your online account.
1 Month of Trademark Monitoring service to notify you of possible infringers of your trademark.
Cease and Desist Letter A customized form that can be used if someone infringing on your mark.
Cease and Desist Letter

A letter sent to someone you believe is infringing on their mark. It is not a court order and it does not have the same effect as an order. However, it usually provides notice to the infringing party and gives them an oppurtunity to cease and desist (i.e stop) using the infringing mark to prevent the filing of a lawsuit. If the infringer continues to use the mark despite the cease and desist letter, you may be able to recover additional damages if you end up filing a lawsuit.

Transfer and Assignment Letter If you need to sell or otherwise convey your mark, you have access to your template that you can further customize to your needs.
Transfer & Assignment Letter

Like any other business asset, you can sell, license or assign your trademark. To remain valid, however, someone must continue to use the mark in commerce and you must register your assignment with the USPTO. If you use our Standard or Deluxe Package, we can help you with a transfer of the trademark. Sometimes, individuals register the mark before a company is officially set up. Then, once the company is formed, you need to transfer the mark into the company. We can help with that too.

Private Registration Everyone hates spam and sales calls. Do not give scammers your email address and phone number. Trademark Regant can ensure that your phone number and email address do not become part of the public record through the USPTO online database ($60 value) - -
24-hour Expedited Processing of the preparation of your trademark application. Normal processing time is 5 business days in our Basic and Standard packages ($49 value). - -
Trademark Monitoring is a subscription service that will auto-renew for $175 yearly at the expiration of your promotional period if not cancelled. GET STARTED GET STARTED GET STARTED

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What documents are required to register your trademark?

    You will require the following documents to register your trademark:
    1. A soft copy of the trademark that needs to be registered
    2. The date of the first time you used the mark
    3. The description of all related services and products
    4. The complete details of the applicant

  • What could I do if my trademark is already in use?

    You can easily stop someone from using your trademark if you can prove that you were the first user of the trademark and that both names are bound to create confusion among consumers. Of course, the Federal Registration will have a better mechanism to stop infringers. You will also have common legal rights to stop them while you conduct legal business.

  • Who can qualify for trademark registration?

    Any person that claims to be a proprietor of a mark or is proposing to own the idea can apply for trademark registration. The application should clearly state the trademark, the services or goods, the address and name of the application and the period of use of the mark with a signature.

  • How long will the registration process take?

    The answer to this question will differ from agency to agency and based on staffing changes and enhanced technologies at the US Patent & Trademark Office. If you’re asking us specifically, you can count on the entire application process to take from 9-to-12 months.

  • How long will the federal trademark registration last?

    It can take up to 10 years. Also, the registration can easily be renewed so long as you have made sure to maintain an uninterrupted use of your trademark in interstate commerce.

  • When can I use the ® symbol?

    If you have a federally registered trademark, you will be able to use the ® symbol. For every other mark, whether unregistered or registered, you will not be required to add a designation. However, we always advise mark owners to attach the ‘SM’ or ‘TM’ symbol to let the industry know that your company name, logo, or symbol is proprietary to your services or goods.

  • The young guns at Trademark Regant did an stunning job in helping us register our trademarks and walking us through the entire process. They immediately replied to all of our concerns and were an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them!

    Mike Randell
  • Overall, Trademark Regant did a great job in making our dreams into a reality. We are so glad that we decided to choose this agency over other law firms before there were zero red tape, total transparency, and our trademark was registered with little input from me.

    Ted Blunt
  • Our tech company has worked with Trademark Regant for about 6 years now! As our legal advisors, we have been able to register 7 patents, out of which 6 have already been allowed/issued. Naturally, we already trust this agency for all of our future undertakings.

    Brad McEvoy
  • I recently started working with Trademark Regant and have been extremely pleased with their services. Their customer service is above and beyond everything I expected. I highly recommend Trademark Regant for everything related to trademarks and intellectual property protection.

    Jared Langley

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