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Comprehensive Search Report
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Comprehensive Search Report - Step 1

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By selecting name or slogan you can protect the use of the words that identify you or that are associated with your brand. Choosing your name or slogan will protect its use in any format, color and style.


A mark for your logo protects the exact shape, orientation, stylization and sometimes color in that particular logo. If you upload a black and white version, you will be able to use it in various colors. If you only want to protect a particular color of red circle as your logo, then you should upload a color version. The company name can, but does not have to be part of the logo.


Only very distinctive sounds are protected. The text-book example is the three note NBC Television bongs. If you are going to create branding around a short sound, then select this option. This does not apply to songs or music which are usually the subject of copyright.